1. Introduction

Open Letter on critical approaches to Forensic DNA Phenotyping (FDP) and ‚Bio-Geographical Ancestry‘ (BGA)

Contextualization and Open Letter (PDF)

Welcome to the website of our Initiative, which is associated with the Chair in Science and Technology Studies at the University Freiburg.

Since November 2016, investigators, politicians, and journalists have advocated  that the use of expanded forensic DNA analysis in Germany should be legalized. In the media, the representation of this technology has been strikingly unilateral. From our perspective, however, the discussion about this complex topic is too uncritical, which is why we intend to expand the debate with critical perspectives – or rather to initiate a first real discussion.

In December 2016, we – an interdisciplinary initiative of natural and social scientists- composed an open letter, in which we critically addressed the expanded use of forensic DNA analysis. We have published this open letter, as well as additional information on the topic of extended DNA analyses in forensics, on this website.

On these webpages you can find:

This website is editorially supervised by Prof. Veronika Lipphardt (Science and Technology Studies, University College Freiburg) and Prof. Anna Lipphardt (Institut für Kulturanthropologie, Universität Freiburg).

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